Thursday, Feb 19th Class

The February 10th Class has been moved to Thursday the 19th. Please re-RSVP.

It's that time again.... time for my Stamp Class!!
(Pictures of our cards will be posted later)

Details are as usual:

Cost: $5.00
Time: 7:00 pm - whenever. Usually, not more than 2 hours.
Where: RSVP to get my address (Saratoga Springs)
When: The 3rd Thursday of each month <--NEW
My Cell: 801-231-3421 (you can text your RSVP to this number)
What: We will be creating 2 cards
RSVP by: February 18th

RSVP's so far:
  • Harmony Olson
  • Harmony's Friend
  • Jenny Fryer - maybe (going on a cruise the next day - LUCKY!!)
  • spot 4
  • spot 5
  • spot 6

1 comment:

  1. Yeaa...I can come now with it being on a different day! Count me in, and one more person. (Either my friend or my sister)

    Harmony Olson Ü