Absolutely Fabulous

Here is one of the cards we'll be making next Thursday. I must say that this is probably the fanciest, most awesome card I have ever made. I'm pretty proud of it. Where did my inspiration come from? Digital Scrapbooking. I know!! Crazy huh??!! Who would have thought?


This is the front of the card. The front was intentionally left without a sentiment so that you could put a white rub-on on it and customize it to your needs. The inside looks like this: (of course, you can put whatever stamp in it you want)


I just think this card is gorgeous. There are a limited number of seats for my class so if you want to attend, I need to know now. So far, only 2 people are coming for sure. Reserve your spot TODAY!!

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  1. I love LOVE this! I will for sure be caseing this card! Seriously awesome!