Are you familiar with the term "DESTASHING"? You guys, I have SO much stuff!  Most of it has never been used.  Some of it has barely been used.  And by stuff, I mean, CRAFT STUFF!!  I need my items to go to a home that will use them (or continue to store them.)  Either way, I need them out of my office.  You feel me?

I have my items listed in a few different places but if you're looking for something specific, just comment on this post or send me a message.  I haven't even listed all of the items I have for sale.

Please help my room be less full.  Ha!

My items are all cross-posted and are first come/first serve.

If the links don't work, it just means that you aren't in the group that they're in.  Simply request to join and then my links will work.

Jane's items for sale on eBay

Facebook Group: Fancy That Jane

Facebook Group: Rubber Stamps & Things

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