2012 Artisan Design Team Projects for September #3

"If you can't find it, make your own," that's what I always say.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I never say that.  I usually have an idea of something I need and when I can't find it, I just try and find something I like because that's lazy easier than creating my own thing.  What was I looking for?  I have a 7 year old that thinks everything is boring.  Cleaning his room is boring.  Putting his dishes away is boring.  Reading at night is boring.  So I needed a reward chart.  The free samples you can download totally suck OR if they're cute enough, they only have to earn 10 stickers to get their reward.  W H A T E V E R!  My child will earn his reward.  Oh, yes he will.  So I made a reward chart with 99 squares.  Yes, 99!  When you can earn a bunch a day, 99 won't take too long but long enough to earn a reward, in my opinion.  I created everything you see here in MDS2.  I haven't purchased the upgrade yet but I did get the free 30-day download and after using it for this project, I will be purchasing it FOR SURE!

{click for a larger view}

I made it so this can be printed as a 12 x 12 and I wanted to make it cute manly enough to hang in my son's room so he'd be proud to put stickers on it.  And I think if he can see it, he'll be reminded how close or far away he is from earning a reward.

The boxes are photo boxes from the Grunge Photobook set.  I just copied them and flipped them sideways and repeated them over and over.  I also saved all the boxes as a photo template so I can use them later when I create reward charts for my other two boys (ages 3 and 4).

This project would have taken FOREVER to move layers around but thanks to the new option in MDS2, you can now see all the layers and move objects a lot easier.  Curious at how many layers this project has?  149!

MDS stamps, paper, & Accessories
130644  MDS 2
Timeless Type Junior Letters Lowercase
Timeless Type Junior Numbers
Ink Splatters
126056  Downtown Grunge Photobook Template
118865  Staple & Stitching
118847  3/16” Brads In Basic Colors
125785  Flag Punch
127352  Petite Pennant Punch
118853  Punch Shapes (star)
129833  Orchard Harvest DSP Kit
129827  Howlstooth & Scaringbone DSP
Leave me a comment if you like my chart or if you have any suggestions about different rewards.  I'm always open to suggestions and I like reading your comments.

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  1. OHMAHGAWSH!!!!!! JANE!!!! Are you serious?!?!?! This ROCKS.... y'all set the BAR high this month..I'm so afraid to post my stuff now.