This is SO cute! I want it SOOOOOOOOO bad! But I can't just buy one.  But you can get one.  Yep!  When you sign up to be a demonstrator and get your stater kit, you'll get this spooktacular Halloween tray decoration FREE (a $60 value)!  And guess what else?  When you sign up, I get one too.  I only get one if you get one.  So will you get one so I can have one too?  Please??!!  Your kit only costs $99 and you'll be able to chose $125 worth of products.  ANY PRODUCTS YOU WANT.

C'mon.  You know you want to.  Just do it it.  Go to my site {HERE} and click Join Now.  That's it!  You don't have to sell anything ever, unless you want to.  You will get to order your own products at 20% off whenever you want for as long as you're an "active" demonstrator.  C'mon.  Join my group.  Come to convention with me too.  You know you want to.

Questions?  Send them my way.  Let's make our Halloween trays together in September so we can display them in October.  I'll hold a free class at my house to make them.

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