Every year, Stampin' Up! offers the opportunity for their demonstrator's to earn an incentive trip. I've been a demonstrator for over 7 years now and I've never earned a trip. I've also never tried to earn a trip. Well, last week I attended the annual Stampin' Up! Convention here in Salt Lake City, and I must say, I finally caught the bug to try and earn the trip. It was announced that the next trip to earn is FIGI!
Yes, FIGI!!! So, I want to earn it. I want to continue with my weight loss goal, possibly have a baby in between now and the trip (which is April 2013), and EARN the trip to Figi.

How am I going to do this? By doing a lot of stamp classes, camps, and workshops. Guess how I'm going to do it? YOU! You are going to host a workshop and/or class. Do you live far away? That's not a problem. Every order you submit through my site helps me. You can also get orders from your friends and submit a big order through me so you get hostess benefits (did you notice the hostess benefits are bigger and better than before? The whole plan has changed.)

I'll keep you posted on my status toward earning the trip. Just know that every little bit helps. Every order. Everyone that signs up to be a demonstrator (whether you ever sell anything or not). EVERYTHING HELPS! Help me go to Figi!

Contact me today to set up a workshop with your girlfriends (near or far) or a class. I'm still going to have classes at my house too, so... What are you waiting for?

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  1. I LOVE your wording and would like to use most of what you have here...tweaking it a little to fit my needs. I hope you don't mind. I too have been a demo for 5 years and have never tried to earn a trip but would LOVE to go to Fiji!