There IS a PLAN!

...through December 2010, at least. Try and read all the way to the bottom so you don't miss any important bits of info.

I will be starting up Card Classes & Scrapbooking Classes and I didn't want you to miss out.

What a great way to have handmade cards ready for when you need them without having to run to the store. Also, create scrapbook pages each month so you won't have to try and "catch up" in a couple of months/years/decades (maybe this is just for me.)
Anyway, this is how it'll work: I'll be holding a scrapbooking class in Salt Lake every 2nd Wednesday and a card class every 3rd Wednesday. At my house in Saratoga Springs I'll be holding a card class every 3rd Tuesday and a scrapbooking class every 3rd Thursday. The best part about this is you won't have to bring any supplies. I will provide everything for you. I KNOW! How can you pass this up?? Ok, nitty gritty details, you ask? I'll be charging a flat fee for each class just to cover my supplies/kits for the classes. This way there is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything. It's all up to you. Card classes cost $5 (per set of kits) unless you order $25 worth of products at the class, in which case your class fee is FREE! You will be creating at least, but not limited to, 2 cards. Scrapbooking classes cost $5.00 (per set of kits), unless you order $25 worth of product at class, in which case your class fee is also FREE! You will be creating a 1 scrapbook page and 1 project/card. The scrapbook pages will all be 12" x 12" and you are welcome to crop them at the class to fit whatever scrapbook size you desire (8" x 8", 8.5" x 11", 6" x 6", etc.) If you tell me ahead of the class what size you want, I'll crop it for you. My plan is to keep the classes 8-10 people, so space is going to be limited. You are welcome to invite neighbors, friends, family, etc. I MUST have all RSVP's the day before the class. If I haven't heard from you, I'll assume you're not coming. Fair?

If you want to hold a class/workshop at your house outside of these class dates/times, I can definitely do that as well. Who wouldn't want a girls night out with cute take-home stuff?
You can come to one, some, or all of the classes. The more the merrier, right?

How to get a hold of me:

Call or Text: 801-231-3421
Write: naptimestamper@gmail.com or junglejanelee@gmail.com

Where can you see the things I make?

Jane Lee's Cards & Projects Blog

Where can you buy my handmade cards or retired stamp items?

Buy Jane's Stuff
Jane's Stampin' Up! Site <--Just click SHOP NOW to buy Stampin' Up! products online ANYTIME
or you can buy it at my classes. Just tell me what you want and I'll make sure to bring it for you to see.

Facebook much?

Jane's Cards & Projects Fan Page
<-- I'll post bits of info on here about classes and projects too, so become a fan! Why not?
Feel free to send this e-mail to everyone AND anyone. It won't hurt my feelings. :o)

Classes Start in September:

(RSVP now to reserve your spot. I will send you an email confirmation once you've RSVP'd. You will get the addresses to the classes at the time of RSVP, if you need them.)

September 8 - Scrapbooking Class in Salt Lake @ 7:00pm at my mom's house
September 15 - Card Class in Salt Lake @ 7:00pm at my mom's house

September 16 - Card Class in Saratoga Springs @ 7:00pm at my house
September 21 - Scrapbooking Class in Saratoga Springs @ 7:00pm at my house

*NOTE TO DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKERS* I will be using My Digital Studio in the future to do hybrid scrapbooking projects. Watch for these classes.

Thanks for reading this far,


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