Pay off this BABY! Get 15% off!!

Oh man... Did you know I was pregnant? If not, I am. I'm due around August 4th. That's 7 weeks people!!! This baby will be my 3rd boy. Yep, I'm in a house full of boys. I hear it's better than a house full of girls, but I still want at least one girl. We'll see if we have any more babies. Kids are so expensive, you know? Anyway, I'm trying to save up for all the medical bills that will be coming our way in August (c-sections are NOT cheap!) so I'd like to offer you an ordering special. All orders submitted today through June 30th will receive

(tax and shipping are based on retail totals, not discount totals.) Take advantage of this discount and get items that are retiring - stamps & accessories!! You can order from my Stampin' Up! site, but you won't get the discount so I will email you a voucher for the amount you should have saved.

Email your orders to me TODAY or order from my Stampin' Up! site.!!

Don't delay!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

**Remember** When your order is at least $50, I will be mailing you the new Stampin' Up! catalog, which is released July 1st, for FREE!

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