Sassy, Swanky, Stellar, Me.

I feel that it is time for me to give myself a name - as in, I need a title like a company would. Example, Cheeky & Swank is my friend's company and it is a stellar name, I think. Avery Jane Designs perhaps? Why that name? I always said that if I had a girl, her name would be Avery Jane... so far, it's lookin' like I'm only having boys, so maybe my "craft" can be my girl?? Will you please suggest something?

How about this... If you suggest a name and I like it and use it, you can have a free stamp set from my stash of unused stamps. Yes, I have quite a few of them. I've got hostess sets too.

Anyway, will you help me? Just leave a comment here or write me an email.

Swanky Jane
Sassy Jane
Stellar Jane
Avery Jane Designs

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  1. I will keep thinking, but of the ones you have listed, I really like Sassy Jane and Avery Jane Designs. :)