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Did you earn a free Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog from me? To do that, all you needed to do was place at least a $50 order between June 2008-December 2008. Want to know if you did it? If you see your name below, you're a winner; otherwise, you've still got a couple more days to place at least a $50 order OR you can pre-order one now. You will only be paying the shipping cost, so you're still a winner.

Free Catalogs:
  • Kensley Cheshire
  • Jan Cussans
  • Jenny Fryer
  • Dian Gallagher
  • Mel Jensen
  • Jo Nepia
  • Kerstin Ngutuakana
  • Stephanie VanSaders
  • Shelly Vorwerk
  • Kristen Wagstaff
*If you see your name above, just send me an email to confirm that yes, you'd still like a free catalog.*

Just click the Buy Now button below to pre-order your Spring-Summer Catalog. As soon as they're in my hands, they'll be mailed off to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

*You can order as many catalogs as you'd like just change the quantity. After February 1st, the price of the catalog will go up $4, so order your catalog NOW!*

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