eBay'in It Up!

I'm cleaning out my stamp room today so I'll be posting some items on eBay. I'll also be posting sheets of designer paper on here so you can purchase 1 sheet at a time. All the sheets will be 12 x 12 and they'll arrive in the best sized box I could find. The box costs $5 to ship so my recommendation is to purchase LOTS of sheets of paper because the price won't go up - unless the box gets really heavy, then I believe the price goes to $9, but that's stuff we can discuss when you purchase the papers. :o) Of course, I am always stoked to do Local Pickups!

So, check out my Ebay Items and bid away!

I have to help pay for Christmas for my two munchkins SOME WAY!

Also, if you'd like to purchase pre-made cards, you can head over to my Etsy Shop. You can purchase cards individually for $3.50 or get 5 for $15. Shipping is pretty cheap - like $3 for each set of 10 cards. I will ship out of the country for my cards, so we can arrange the shipping price at that time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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