I forgot to report on my Sweet Tweets Boutique experience... It was AWESOME! Everything was so cute and I was so honored to have been invited to be selling my cards and projects along with super talented people that make childrens clothing, blankets, barrettes, bows, kid furniture, cookies, and so much more. I can't wait to do another one. Keep on checkin' this blog because I'll probably be doing some more boutiques so if you want to buy things right from my booth you'll have to come by. Below are some possible boutiques I will be participating in:
With that said, my boutique was SO fun! I made tons of friends but probably one of my most favorite connections was the girl right next to me - Jenny. Her super cute business is called Cheeky and Swank and she has the CUTEST things! I wanted one of everything she had!! You should seriously check out her site. She's got new stuff all the time so look her up often. She's a super sweet and fun gal from Logan and I am so envious of her talents. One day maybe she'll teach me what she knows. She makes adult t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, but she doesn't stop there. She makes baby blankets, burp cloths, baby slings (for mommies), super cute bibs that connect with a cool magnet that doesn't de-magnitize when you wash it (did you even know that can happen?). Oh, and she also makes custom bedding... YEAH, BEDDING! I think she's just but pillows for now, but I know that some super cute comforters are waiting to pop out of the sewing machine. The bedding can be for all ages.

GO JENNY!! Cheeky and Swank ROCKS!

Oh, and her company even has a blog that you can follow. Subscribe now!! Don't miss out on anyt of her cute stuff!

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