Sew Jane?

I want to learn how to sew.
SERIOUSLY! I'm feeling a bit domestic since I've been stuck home with a bum knee (
see this post). Well, actually, my love for sewing actually started when I found these baby blankets on Etsy. The gal that makes these quilts is the mom of my friend's friend. Follow that? Anyway, I can't afford a super cute blanket for $115; although, I'm sure they're worth every penny. SO, my plan was to learn how to make them myself. GENIUS! So, will someone teach me? I've fallen in love with Amy Butler fabric (which you can also get on Etsy) but I d
on't know where to start. A neighbor of mine makes really cute bags, so maybe I'll ask her where I should start. Rather, why don't you tell me where I should start. OH OH OH, I could make cute little fabric flowers to put on my cards too! This craft has come full circle! Oh, and I could punch stuff out with my Big Shot and then sew it onto Onesies. Look at me go! Sooo, where should I start? Rach/Kate, will you ask your mom? She's sew crafty. :o) Is there a really good sewing book?



  1. I love love the idea of cutting cute fabric with the Big Shot and putting it on onsies. Ok, I totally have to get one now! :)

  2. I love to quilt! The best place I've found is Quilts Etc in Sandy. Fantastic classes & the women how work there always know the answers to my questions! :) Good luck!