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Hi friends! If you are reading this post via a feeder of sorts (Google, FeedBlitz, etc) that you cannot see my new cute banner. SO, click the title of the post and see what I've done. For those of you that link to my site on your own, YAY FOR YOU! You get to see how cute my new banner is! I'm pretty proud of it. First and foremost, I need to give props to the ladies that have made these sets (which are free and you can download them yourself):

Brenda Smith - Brenda Smith Designs Almost all of my banner is made from her kit called North Side of the Trees

The cute "GIVE" word art is from Vinnie Pearce - just click on her "freebies" label to see all the really cool stuff you can get.
Anyway, I don't know HOW people make these designs, but I sure am glad they put them out for free so I can enjoy them.

Oh, and yes, I know I still need to fix my "footer" where the counter is located. Perhaps I will create a matching one to the banner during nap time tomorrow.

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