F I R E!!

You'll never believe this. I probably wouldn't believe it either except for that it happened to me. Friday morning, 7 am: Max woke me up and said he was ready to eat cereal. I set him all up to eat, but he requested to read my email first. Ok with me. I boot up the computer, like normal and then turn on the computer screen. Then I heard zap ZAP ZAP ZAPZAP!! Psst! ZAP! So I turned off the computer and the screen really fast. THEN, (SERIOUSLY!) smoke started coming out of the top of my monitor. I am not kidding. SMOKE! So I sent Max out of the room and started unplugging the monitor from the computer tower. Max stood at the edge of the room horrified and he kept yelling,"Mom! The computer is firing!!" It was really cute, but I have to admit that I was a bit scared too. The zapping noises stopped so I removed the monitor from the room and put it in the garage. SO, no more monitor. I called Chris (my hubby, if you didn't know) and told him what happened. He said,"I guess we should just get you a new computer then." I thought we'd just need a new monitor, but I'll take a new PC. Chris built me the one I have now for our first wedding anniversary, so it only seems fitting that I get a fancy new one for our 6th. :o) Hip Hip horray! So my new PC should be shipped around the 14th of August. I'm hoping it gets here sooner because using Chris' laptop kinda stinks. SO, I'll be a little bit absent for the next couple of days. I'll have access to email and blogs, but only at night.

Peace out.


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