*Many Marvelous Marker Club*

Have you ever been browsing through the Stampin' Up! catalog and thought,"Wow, I wish I had the entire marker set with that super awesome marker caddy"? Well, I have. I had to break down and just buy the whole set. My hubby used it as part of my Mother's Day gift one year. THANKS!! But I have something to offer you: The chance to join my *Many Marvelous Markers Club*.

You can purchase the Stampin' Write markers individually for $3.25, in families of 12 for $31.95, or all 48 in the handy caddy for $125.95. I would highly recommend purchasing all of the markers together in the caddy, because it really is the easiest way to store and transport the markers, and the easiest way to find the color you need as well! However, I know that a single $125.95 purchase may not be in every stamper's budget, so I've come up with a way for you to join a club of like-minded marker lovers where you will be able to purchase the markers and coordinating card stock, one color family at a time, for 4 months, and in the 4th month you will receive not just the last color family of markers and card stock, but also the caddy, a pack of assorted neutrals card stock and a level 1 hostess set of your choice, all for 4 monthly payments of $44.95 (all shipping and taxes included)!

This is a fantastic value because not only are you able to purchase the caddy over time without taking a one-time hit to your stamping budget, but you will also earn a free Level 1 hostess set and Sale-A-Bration
set of your choice. You're also actually saving money over purchasing the markers and card stock over time by color families. Check this out:

Color family of Stampin' Write Markers: $31.95
Assorted pack of 8.5x11 Card Stock $7.95
Merchandise Total $39.90
Shipping $3.99
Subtotal: $43.89
Tax (sample rate of 6.2%) $2.72
Total: $46.61
Marker Club Payment $44.95
Sample Monthly savings: $1.66

Cost of assorted neutrals card stock with tax and shipping: $7.95 + $.80 + 0.54 = $9.29
Total Marker Club Savings: ($1.66 x 4) + $9.29 = $15.93

Of course, these calculations assume the fairly low tax rate of 6.2%. In some areas where tax rates are higher, the savings would be higher as well!

To make this cool club work, we need 4 participants. Each participant needs to let me know their choice of the level 1 hostess set and Sale-A-Bration set at the outset of the club. (The Sale-A-Bration sets are only valid for those clubs formed in February).

All club payments will be due on the same day each month. You can mail or hand deliver a check to me or receive an invoice via PayPal. For you out-of-staters, there will be an additional $4.60 charge each month so that I can mail your markers and card stock to you. Let me know if you have questions. So, come on, you know you want these and there's no better way to get everything you want without breaking your monthly bank! Contact me to join the marker club today!

Jane Lee

You can also just leave a comment on this post to sign up. Once you've signed up, I will send you additional information.

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  1. WOW, that's a cool deal! If I didn't already have my markers, I would definitely sign up. The one thing that I regret about not buying all the markers at once is not having an easy way to store them.