More Specials?

Hi FRIENDS! I was just thinking... I wish I knew more of you. I receive orders and fun emails, but I haven't met most of you. So, I was thinking this: In addition to my current ordering specials (FREE SHIPPING), if you order anything from me from now until January 1st AND you sign my guest book at the bottom of the site, I will take off an additional 10%. SO, you'll get FREE shipping AND 10% off your order! All you have to do is sign the guest book. If you've already signed the guest book, then you don't have to sign again - I will give you the additional 10% off your order as well.

F U N!!

Sign the guest book and order merchandise today!! Remember, once items retire, it's very hard to locate them - even on eBay. Also, retiring accessories will sell very quickly, so if there's something you want, GET IT! Once those are gone, they're gone. They're not like the stamp sets that you can get until January 1st.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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