News from Stampin' Up!


Stampin' Up! has released some statements about Sell-A-Bration 2008 stating that it will be held from February 1 - March 17, 2008. SO, plan ahead for that!

Also, in the month of August, certain states are offering "tax exempt" days. If you are living in one of the following states and would like to order merchandise and have it shipped directly to your house, ORDER ON!!
  • Alabama - August 3-5
  • District of Columbia - August 4-12
  • Florida - August 4-13
  • Georgia - August 2-5
  • Louisiana - August 3-4
  • Missouri - August 3-5
  • New Mexico - August 3-5
  • North Carolina - August 3-5
  • South Carolina - August 3-5
  • Tennessee - August 3-5
  • Virginia - August 3-5
And, drum roll please, the Holiday Mini has been released to all demonstrators!!! Just so you know, it's FABULOUS! If you would like your own when they come out on September, please let me know. I have already selected to have a bunch mailed directly to my regular ordering people's houses, so let me know if you'd like to join that list. :o) Would you like to know something exciting about the new mini?? Of course you do! ALL OF THE STAMP SETS FEATURED IN THE HOLIDAY MINI WILL BE DIE-CUT!!! Are you unsure of what this means? It means.... YOU WON'T HAVE TO CUT OUT ANY STAMPS!!! You'll have to assemble them like usual, but no cutting!!! SO MUCH EASIER! I hope Stampin' Up! makes this a habit!!!! So, you can just keep this in your hat until September.



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