Great May

Wasn't May great?! I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who participated in a class, ordering, or signing up to be a demonstrator in May. There were so many Stampin' Up specials that I lost track of what was really happening. Sheesh! Can I just tell you how much I love this company? I seriously love everything about Stampin' Up. I went to a training class yesterday that was put on by my amazing upline and everyone there had to say what their favorite part of the company was - everyone said things like,"The extra MONEY, the friends you make, CONVENTION, specials classes, etc." All of those things are my favorite, but you know what one of my favorite things about this company is as of right now? It's the fact that I can order items out of the new mini catalogs and main catalogs a MONTH before everyone else. Yep, that's right. When you sign up to be a demonstrator, you get many many many perks and that is one of my favorites for right now. :o) I just ordered almost everything out of the new Fall/Winter Preview Catalog (don't worry, yours will be coming in the mail OR you will be receiving one from me shortly). Everything is SO cute. This company surprises me every year with their never ending creativity. I just want to give a shout out to my sweet little group. Do you know who is in it? So far, this is my wonderful Dream Team: Amber Williams, Melody Hyde, and Cindy Baranowski. Yes, the Dream Team is small right now, but I know it will and can grow. I know there are some of you that have pondered the idea of signing up for quite some time, but something always comes up - money, kids, family, work, etc. Well, guess what?! Yes, the kit does cost $199, which does seem like a lot of money; HOWEVER, if you decide to take the plunge (even if it is JUST to get the kit and that's it), I promise to help you do workshops, catalog classes, regular classes, camps, WHATEVER it takes to help you make your $199 back so that you feel it's worth it to have at least purchase the kit. Some people say that it sounds like a lot of work - well, it's *some* work, but not much because it's so fun to share what you love with your friends and family. Anyway, wanna take the plunge and join my dream team for at least 3 months? If nothing else, you'll get $360 worth of product for $199 and you'll have access to everything I have access to. PLUS, you can order all the merchandise you can stand at 20% off. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there. I love Stampin' Up and I don't know why anyone else wouldn't love it as much as I do. :o)

Whew! This is the longest post I have ever put in. Sheesh! Please let me know if you have any questions about joining my team of fun scrappers and card makers.

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